Global Communications for the Oil and Gas Industry

Hermes Datacomms offers service in 54 countries representing
92% of the world's oil & gas reserves

Hermes Connect

Hermes ConnectHermes Connect is a skid-mounted system which delivers rapid deployment and offers high-availability connections in a portable package, with the added benefits of lower deployment costs and reduced bandwidth costs.

The unit is totally self-contained, with no requirement for a separate indoor unit, and with local wireless access built in as well as optional data cable connection points. All you need to do is connect the power supply and activate the unit. It will automatically deploy, lock to the satellite and connect to the internet and/or private voice and data networks as required within 5 minutes. When you are ready to move, turn it off. Once it has stowed, disconnect the power and move the unit.

The unit is supported 24/7 by Hermes NOC, with spares held at key locations. For even higher reliability Hermes can provide out-of-band management.

The fast and easy deployment and rugged design make the system ideal for:Hermes Connect

·         Mobile rigs

·         Construction camps

·         Emergency response


·         Automatically acquires the satellite in 3-5 minutes

·         Instant Wi-Fi access

·         Simple one-button deploy

·         Easily transported from site to site

·         Stows on command

·         Built in GPS (Global Positioning System) for extreme mobility

·         Worldwide usage in extreme and challenging environments

·         Solid state Peltier cooling


·         Lower deployment costs

·         Reduced bandwidth costs

·         Low maintenance

·         Low overall costs

 Click here to download Hermes Connect leaflet.

 Click here to download the Hermes Connect-Winegard Case Study.